Long, long ago, has not yet born in MiaoSi goddess, cicada as humans. MiaoSi goddess is nine sisters, they manage the sky all the good things. Some tube drawing, some music, some love, some GuanZheXue, some tube dance. One MiaoSi goddess, made a wonderful song. Cicada is very like this song, to sing every day, like her fans sang, even rice will not eat, don't want to sleep. At last, singing the whole people drifted off, even his own life also abandoned.

MiaoSi death for die for music cicada, the in the mind is very touched. In order to reward cicada interest in music at the same time, the cicada can become a kind of life from the dead insects. Since then, cicada goddess became MiaoSi faithful envoy. They don't know what is called a hungry, also don't know what is tired. They are born of singing in the tree, sing until death.

Then, after they died, where MiaoSi goddess report everything in the world. Among them the report about the dance, you can get special tube dance at west Chloe goddess of love. Report about love, love can be pulled off the goddess of love. Report about philosophy, can get the oldest MiaoSi goddess kali the goddess of love. The report about the music, ho can get ni, the goddess of love.